Proud of all our committees

Activity Committee

The Activity Committee is responsible for organizing all non-study related activities and consists of students from the Academy People & Labour (AMA). This committee organizes the most unforgettable parties and other memorable events.

AcCo members

  • Hanneke Nuiten
  • Antonnia Braß
  • Andrei Georgescu
  • Teun Oosterholt
  • Lars Olde Olthuis
  • Justin Peterson
  • Floris Rensink
  • Inge Steenbreker
  • Robin Weghorst
  • Sanne Zondervan

ProCo members

  • Stan Van Doren
  • Isa van Brussel
  • Siebren Funk
  • Sophie Jansen

Promotion Committee

The Promotion Committee (ProCo) is responsible for all promotion of events organized by Humanity. They make sure that all members are up to date on upcoming events and create AMAzing merchandise for you to make others jealous.

Supervisory Board

Humanity would not where it is today if it wasn’t for the Supervisory Board. They check everything the Board of Humanity does and provide them with feedback to make sure that everything runs smoothly.

SB members

  • Myrthe Koers
  • Marijn Oude Brunink
  • Isa van Bussel
  • Chantal Hagting
  • Justin Petersen

Audit members

  • Teun Oosterholt
  • Justin Peterson

Audit committee

The Audit Committee is responsible for checking up on al financial affairs.